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  • Vermicomposting K-2 Lesson Plan

  • Vermicomposting 3rd-5th Lesson Plan

  • Teacher Food & Nutrition Materials 1st-5th grades

  • Harvest of the Month Materials K-8th grades

  • Fresh from Florida Student Chef Cook-Off

  • Garden Bingo

  • Garden Trivia

  • Gardening Curriculum K-12th

  • Grow It, Try It, Like It! Nutrition Education Kit for Preschool

  • Nourishing the Planet 3rd-12th


Let us help you get funding and take your garden to new levels!

  • Teachers

  • Volunteers

  • Committees


  • School garden certification program

  • School garden Food & Safety plan

  • Gardening for Grades

  • Gardening for Nutrition

  • STEMming Up Gardening

  • Harvest of the Month K-8th grades

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